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There are a number of brands of notebooks out there but what makes a HP laptop different from the different brands? HP has been around since the ancient ’80’s and has many loyal customers. If you are in the market to purchase a laptop, HP is probably not your first choice. However, if you do your own research and take into consideration some of the pros and cons, HP might be a feasible option for you.

HP laptops start at only $1000. They start even lower but may go as large as four million dollars depending on the specifications. You’re essentially getting two laptops in one with this selection. What’s more, HP laptops are a lot less heavy than some of the alternatives on the market. They weigh roughly three and a half pounds, versus approximately five and a half pounds for some of the other notebook models out there.

Maybe the biggest issue is, what do you get with an HP laptop ? The first answer to that is extensive amounts of memory and hard disk space. All these are the two largest factors determining the purchase price of a laptop. So far as hard drive space moves, HP laptops are filled with as much as two terabytes. A number of the HP Pavilion 17 Premium High other versions out there can only support up to a terabyte.

The following question is, what are the additional features on this particular model ? For people who can afford it, HP has lots of options in regards to user-friendly design and overall capabilities. These machines have many of the same features to be found on the high end machines such as Wireless connectivity, DVD storage, and multimedia capabilities. In fact, for lots of the models which are offered, the base cost is less than the notebook’s total retail cost.

When it comes to safety and reliability, HP offers among the maximum quality systems available. They offer you a variety of warranty options and service plans including support for many of the very best brands in the business. HP laptops are also extremely durable. While they might not be as hard as some of the others available on the market, the durability is still outstanding.

Along with the above mentioned features, HP laptops are all offered with whatever you need. Of course, there are many customizable options available for example different backpacks, different screens, and the like. Moreover, HP laptops may be further customized with after-market parts or updates. Overall, a HP laptop makes an excellent choice if you’re looking for an economical, powerful notebook.